Photo wedding Osaka offers a wide variety of locations.

Kawaguchi Church

Photos in a church with a long history (the oldest in Osaka) are fascinating and make for great photos. It is the most popular location.

Kitahama/Yodoyabashi area

It is a representative city of Osaka, with many historical buildings.
The retro photos are attractive.

Nakanoshima Guild Hall

Nakanoshima Public Hall is Osaka's pride and joy.
A photo in the stately atmosphere will be a wonderful one.

Osaka Castle area

Osaka Castle is a great place to take pictures of seasonal scenery.

Masima area

Seaside Maishima offers a fantastic photo opportunity at sunset.

Konkai Komyoji Temple

Also called Kurotani-san, it is a popular spot for tourists.
Reservations are a must for this location.